First Corner Chaos Race 1

First Corner Chaos Race 1

Calan Williams on the race track

Cruel misfortune for Calan after a fantastic get away from P5 on the grid in Race 1 at thre Hungaroring.

The race commenced in dry conditions with the entire field on slicks, however the track surface was damp. On top of this, a service vehicle failure overnight had led to a large amount of oil being deposited on the surface between turns 1 and 2. Even though this had been cleared by officials in the early morning, the conditions for the race start were extremely slippery.

Off the line Calan got away to a fgantastic start and jockeyed for position into the first corner. He moved to take the outside line where the grip was and on corner entry was well positioned in 4th place and set to exit the corner in 3rd.

Unfortunately on the inside however, one of the Prema drivers misjudged their speed and the conditions and lost control over the inside of the kerb and hitting the leading who was turned sideways directly in front of Calan who in turn moved to avoid to the right. 

Behind and to the inside also, another of the Prema drivers made contact with an MP Motorsport car who in turn clipped the inside rear wheel of Calan's car. In the greasy conditions this was enough to turn Calan sideways in front of the oncoming field causing significant damage to the car and an instant retirement from the race.

Calan Williams racing in the rain

Calan was philopsophical after the race and already focusing on Race 2 to come,

"A real shame today as I had such a good start off the line for the first corner."

"The two cars on my inside got caught up with each other and interlocked wheels, and as a result clipped the rear of my car sending me spinning in front of the field."

"The was serious potential for good points this weekend, but for tomorrow the focus is to get through the field as best I can and make a decent result from an unfortunate situation."

As per the Championship regulations, the grid for Race 2 is based on finishing positions of Race 1 placing Calan from a P29 starting position for Sunday morning.

Calan Williams ready to race