Stilo Helmets Joins Calan Williams Sponsorship Team

Stilo Helmets Joins Calan Williams Sponsorship Team!

Stilo Helmets Joins Calan Williams Sponsorship Team
After taking part in the final FIA F3 test of the year I visited Stilo helmets, where Mick Kouros and I met with the company’s representative Sabrina Colombi, and the chief technician Silvio.  They introduced me to their latest helmet designs, with which I will be competing with next season.  They took some measurements in order to make adjustments to the interior of the helmet to ensure that it was a perfect fit for me.  The quality of the helmet, and the comfortable fit following these adjustments meant that I couldn’t help but be impressed.
It was great to have the opportunity to visit them.  I found it really interesting to learn a few things about the way they design and manufacture their helmets, and also how much attention-to-detail they have.
I feel fortunate having been offered a sponsorship package with them for next season.  I look forward to a long partnership with a company as professional as Stilo, and I am incredibly grateful for their support.
I‘d like to say a special thank you to Sabrina for looking after us during our visit. 
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