Calan Williams doing it tough


Calan Williams doing it tough

This is my first big round in J-Max at a high level, against some of the best drivers in the state, and country!  In practice I was matching, and even beating some of their times!

In the first race I started off second.  At the start I tried to move to the inside of the track, but didn’t do it quickly enough.  I was shoved off the track and into the tyre wall.  I did not finish.  This left me a bit annoyed because it meant we were a race behind in setup, and knowing what the track was like, also it meant that I would not have very good grid positions for the remaining three races.

In the second race I had to start off 15th, which meant I would have to get a good start.  When we finally started, after 5 roll-up laps, I remained in 15th going through the first corner, at the second corner there was a bit of carnage – caused by the same driver that hit me off in the first race – and I was slowed right down, I got into 12th though.  For the rest of the race I remained a respectable distance behind 11th, on the final lap, I lost a position and dropped to 13th.  I finished in 13th.

In the third race I started off 14th, which could well have been about 7 or 8 grid positions higher if I had not been hit off in the first race. At the start of this race I got into 13th, but got into a battle with 12th – who was the same driver which hit me off in the first race – for about half of the race, I made a few moves on him and did not let him make a lead.  With 3 or 4 laps to go, he went straight through a patch of sand before the first corner, and was thrown off the track.  This gave me 12th position

In the final I started off 13th, the first race result also affected this grid.  At the start of this race I stayed in 13th.  In a few laps I quickly made a move to quickly get into 12th.  After that I slowly caught 11th who had made a lead.  I was catching right until the last lap, when I made a move to get into 10th, I didn’t defend for the next corner, and two drivers got through.  They got into a tangle on the inside of the track, and then suddenly speared off into me; I was unable to finish the race as I was stuck in deep sand.

After this race I was a bit disappointed, but I quickly overcame this – mainly because I knew that there was nothing I did to cause any of my misfortune.


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