New Partnership Announcement with GRPF

Calan Williams Announces New Multi-Year Partnership with Global Roaming Pilbara Foundation Ltd

Calan Williams Racing announces new partnership

Global Roaming Pilbara Foundation Ltd and Calan Williams Racing Pty Ltd are very proud to announce an exciting new partnership which will provide significant support to Calan’s Formula 1 bid on the world stage, and also amazing opportunities for young people from the Pilbara and across Western Australia to connect with motorsport in ways they have never had the chance to do so before.

“This is a very exciting partnership for us, not only for the difference this will make for Calan’s program,  but importantly for the opportunity this will provide for Calan to share his journey and connect with children across Western Australia and through this inspire them to strive for and achieve many ambitions that they can through motorsport, be this through participation at any level or through the many industries that surround the sport,” said Managing Director of Calan Williams Racing Pty Ltd Greg Williams.

The Global Roaming Pilbara Foundation Ltd (GRPF) exisit to give every young person the ability to reach their full potential regardless of location, gender or race. Through a variety of hands-on programs, they help children, teens and young adults gain valuable life skills and access the opportunities they need to succeed.

To add to their Girls FX (Fashion) program, led by Catherine Birch and Basketball program led by former Wildcats Captain Damian Martin, a new Motorsport program will be established to link to this partnership. The rise of virtual simlulator racing will be one area which will allow a great deal of access for participants to Calan and the world of racing.

“Through simulators I will be able to connect with and race with kids while I am away with the team in Switzerland. It is amazing that through technology now including virtual reality anyone can gain a very realistic feel for the sport. We will race, have practice sessions and generally have fun communicating across the platforms available,” Calan said.

“There are also so many life skills I have had to develop competing at the international level, and of course through also being away from home from such a young age for quite some time now. Areas such as organisation, dealing with pressure, goal setting, nutrition, training and are all skills I look forward to being able to share and talk with participants about, and of course in the off-season I look forward to having the chance to travel regionally and meet everyone in person.”

Global Roaming Pilbara Foundation Ltd Chief Operations Officer, Brett Warner, highlighted that "GRPF is an inclusive organisation that fosters opportunities and pathways based on education and training coupled with a focus on health, wellbeing and lifestyle within regional and remote communities to create successful outcomes based on the needs of individuals participating in our programs."

"The addition of our motorsport program currently under construction will afford opportunities to experience the full spectrum of motorsport, including (but not limited to) driving, engineering, mechanics and basic vehicle maintenance."

"This pathway will provide not only career opportunities, but also generic skills which can be used in everyday life."

"As a Foundation we are very excited in what the future holds within our partnership with the Calan Williams Racing Team. As one dream becomes one opportunity, that one opportunity becomes reality. Many successes on and off the track and exciting times ahead." 

New partnership announcement