Team Calan Role Models

Richard Goyder

Richard Goyder, Managing Director, Wesfarmers

Richard Goyder is the Managing Director of Wesfarmers, the largest employer in Australia, and oversees the employment of over 200,000 people!

I was incredibly fortunate to spend one on one time with Richard where he was able to discuss the keys to managing a successful business, and how to deal with life’s great pressures. His advice has been incredibly helpful in developing the skills I need off the track.

I admire what he has achieved as well as the approach he has to success and I am very grateful for the interest he showed in my ambitions.

Casey photo

Casey Dellacqua, Professional Tennis Player

Casey Dellacqua is currently ranked the number 44 women’s tennis player in the world.

When I have met with Casey we have been able to discuss the advantages of persevering in a sporting career, and how to get the most out of a career in any sport, and how to deal with challenges that I may face.

Casey is an inspirational professional athlete to follow, and I very much enjoy watching her play and achieve great success. It is all the more special knowing how hard she has worked to make her goals come true!