Team Calan Mentors

Harvey MorrisonHarvey Morrison

Harvey is the owner of the Karting business, “Kartmart”, one of the best CRG Kart dealerships in Australia. Throughout Calan’s karting from the age of 7, Harvey has been a constant figure guiding him every step of the way not only with his driving, but with a wealth of advice about the sport.

Brett Lupton

Brett is the owner of Fastlane Racing, and ran Calan for his very first test sessions in a Formula Ford. Following these, he offered Calan the opportunity to be the driver in the Driver Development Program for 2015 which has been an amazing experience. As Calan prepares to race later this month, Brett has always been there each session throughout the year keeping a watchful eye over his progress and ensuring that the car is 100% prepared.

Peter MajorPeter Major

Peter is the current WA Formula Ford State Champion, and an amazing race car driver being successful through recent years in numerous classes. His level of experience, skill and ability to impart his knowledge has been invaluable to Calan as his one on one driver coach in Fastlane’s Driver Development Program. Peter continues to be a big influence on Calan as he continues to develop his craft as a race car driver.

Errol Gilmour

Errol heads up Gilmour racing, a Queensland team which has seven years of Formula 3 experience and has extensive knowledge base and history of success in Formula 3 Racing, including finishing second in the 2004 and 2013 Championship, winning the 2007 F3 National Class and winning the 2011 and 2015 F3 Australian Titles.

Errol has been a huge influence on Calan, guiding him through his first steps into “wings and slicks” racing in Formula 3, and then backing him after a few test outings in the team F307 by launching him straight into the F311 Championship car for the 2017 Australian F3 Premier Series.

Throughout this season, Errol continues to challenge and support Calan’s development seeing his skills continue to grow from strength to strength.