Calan Williams Racing Pty Ltd has established a unique investment program which enables individuals to be an integral part of Calan’s exciting ambition to reach Formula 1, and to also have the chance to share in the financial spoils should he be successful.

The concept is designed to allow those with the interest and means to be part of the ambition, drive and excitement involved with Calan’s journey to reach Formula 1.


Dale Alcock

Calan’s highly engaged investment team is made up of some of the most prominent business people in Perth (and beyond), including lead investor Dale Alcock who is an incredibly passionate supporter of Calan,

“Calan is a young man with inspiring drive and determination. The way he soaks up the pressure of one of the toughest sports there is extremely impressive.”

“It is amazing seeing a young lad from a normal family taking on the best in the world in the most expensive sport there is. I am proud to be a part of it, and all of Perth should get behind him and his Formula 1 bid.”

My belief is that Calan’s extraordinary dream should not be denied through lacking the financial resources required. To deny this opportunity is to deny the ultimate expression of the ability to perform and bring to life the extreme skills and talent that this young man possesses.”

 “Calan has taken on every challenge with a steely resolve.  As a young man he has a real calmness and self-belief and self-confidence, whereby he is able to step up continuously and grow. He has an excellent character, is absolutely trustworthy and totally focused and driven to succeed.”

“Securing his seat on the FIA F3 grid 2020 is a huge step, where he will compete in front of the world and under the noses of the F1 teams during F1 events.”

“He is just two steps away now from achieving his ambition”.


Tim and Leonie Baldock

Also loyal supporter of Calan’s racing are Tim and Leonie Baldock who became involved with Calan just as he was breaking into racing in Europe.

“Our family have been investors in Calan Williams Racing Pty Ltd for a number of years.

Over that time we have had the pleasure of watching the progress of Calan from a young boy with a dream to a young man on the cusp of fulfilling it. He has the level of determination and dedication which gives him every opportunity of reaching the highest level in the competitive sport of Formula 1 Motor Racing.

This investment gives us the chance to assist Calan in the fulfillment of his dream, and at the same time, if success comes his way, sharing in the spoils of it.

Our family are proud West Australians and we relish the opportunity to support a fellow West Australian hopefully achieve the pinnacle of success. The thought the Perth could be the home of two Formula 1 Drivers if Calan achieves his goal is particularly fulfilling.”


Troy MacMillan

Troy Macmillan, Chief Executive of The Wealth Designers (who are also a long term sponsor of Calan) was one of the very first investors behind Calan’s racing

"Investing in Calan is investing in a young West Australian's boyhood dream to one day become the World Formula 1 Champion."

"Calan is a very warm and friendly person with maturity well beyond his years that is focused and determined to succeed at the very highest level."

"It has been a pleasure being involved with Calan, his family, his large base of fellow sponsors and supporters over the years to witness with admiration his methodical pursuit of this goal, whilst watching him overcome all the challenges and obstacles that have presented along his journey.

I am very proud of Calan and what he has already achieved, but now as the next chapter unfolds in 2020 with his seat in the FIA F3, our support and investment has never been more important to give him the best chance of success."

"Investing in Calan is both impactful and fulfilling and I wish him all the best."

Calan and Dale on Channel 7’s Today Tonight show;