Monza Thursday Practice

Fine conditions when we arrived at the circuit for Thursdy practice at Monza. It was very cool however, and the circuit was still quite damp, so we delayed heading out in the first session (as did many) given that there is no rain at all expected over the weekend.

For the first 3 hour session, we ran a very planned and structed series of tests to work on the set up of the car. Given we are only one car again this is critical to be able to compete with the teams of 5. All of this went very well and I am really happy with the way the car is feeling. I am so appreciative for how hard the team worked with all the changes making for a very busy day for them.

A slipstream, or “tow” behind another car or ideally a group of cars is increadibly important around here – so important that this can be the difference of a full second a lap. On my first set of new tyres, and without an ideal tow, we were reasonably pleased to finish the first session in P8 of the 19 car field knowing that there is even more available.

The second session almost felt like qualifying. There was a huge amount of game play going on already and every time I positioned myself for a tow, a driver pulled over to let me through. On the final lap of the session where this was not possible I had once again positioned myself really well, but the driver ahead locked up and left the circuit at turn 1! Still, we are feeling confident and pleased to finish in the top 10, with less assistance from a tow in that session.

Free Practice coming up on Friday, and can’t wait to get out there again on this incredible circuit!

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