Spa Friday Practice

Fine and sunny conditions here at Spa for Friday practice. Just two 30 minute sessions for this event, so important to utilise the available time to their maximum.

Free Practice 1 went reasonably well with the main focus a long run to refamiliarise and check the balance of the car. All went well and we identified a few gains we would be able to make for FP2.

In the second session we planned to make two runs, with a tyre change in the middle. Immediately the car felt great and we dropped our times from the first session. After a pit stop to put on a better set of tyres the car felt even better and we gained some time again.

A red flag brought about an early end to the session, and I was caught out by this having utilised a lap to find myself a better position in traffic. A good strategic lesson there, but one which has benefited me in terms of my preparation for tomorrow.

Of the 21 drivers we finished P13 for the day with a good deal of confidence there is plenty more to come once Qualifying starts in the morning followed by Race 1!

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