Preparation Week at Fortec Motorsport


Really solid week of preparation at Fortec Motorsport in preparation for Round 1 of the Euroformula Open Championship at Paul Ricard starting next Thursday.

In addition to my normal preparation of reviewing notes and looking over past videos, the big focus was on simulator work. This is an incredible piece of equipment which enables a very realistic simulation of the circuit and how the car handles. Through my review of last year, I was able to identify some key parts of the circuit which I know I can make gains on, focus exactly on what I need to improve and then practice them thoroughly so I am ready to go from lap 1 next week.


On Monday I put in 4 hours on the simulator, and Thursday was pretty close to this as well, including over an hour in one stint without a break!

The result was a definite improvement, and all in all a very satisfying way to be ready to go!



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