Excited to Take on Monza!


Next week I head off to Italy with the team for the next round of the Euroformula Open Championship at the famous and historic  Autodromo Nazionale Monza circuit, or “Monza”. Every Italian Formula 1 Grand Prix since the Formula 1 Championship began in 1950 has been held there with the exception only of 1980. That means that every single Formula 1 World Champion has raced there, so I cannot wait to experience it for myself.

Monza is such a unique challenge, being the fastest circuit on the calendar by far – with an average lap speed just short of 200kph. Corner exits and car positioning are extremely crucial here, in both qualifying and race; which means by focusing my attention on those two areas, I should be able to continue my improving results.

We leave the UK on Tuesday, with set up Wednesday and a full day of practice on the track Thursday before the official practice Friday and then the race weekend. All the session times and links to timing and TV coverage will be posted on my website in coming days.

Here is a good overview of the circuit based on a Formula 1 car.

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