A Big Thursday Practice in Hungary

With the primary aim for the day to learn the circuit, in my first 3 hour practice session I put in a huge 52 laps on used tyres. I felt very confident and am very much enjoying the circuit which is demanding and with the straight only being around 600m long, you always feel as though you are in one of the 14 corners. My pace was very good compared to the rest of the experienced field in the first part of the session whilst all were likely on similar tyres, however as the session went on almost certainly many others already accustomed to the track put in new tyres runs.

The second session we were in the process of bedding in brake pads when a huge downpour happened, and much of the session was red flagged.

The final session was very intense, and great practice for qualifying and we put in two new tyre runs. This went pretty well, however I was hampered by some nasty blisters which had formed following the big run earlier in the day, and as a result I wasn’t able to attack the circuit as aggressively as I would have liked. Overall I finished 11th on the times with 8th in the second session, and made a trip to the medical staff to ensure all is taped up and ready to go for Friday.

Looking forward to it!


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