Championship Points and 7th Place Race 1


Photo: Fotospeedy

The day started with Qualifyng 1 early with once again fine weather and a dry track. I was really pleased with my first run, setting a lap to put me well within the top ten at the half way point of the session. Then on my second set of tyres I bettered that again with my best lap for the event so far at 2:13.5. I qualified 8th which was a solid result again, and only barely over a tenth of a second outside the top 5.


Photo: Fotospeedy

Then, in what would have to be one of the more eventful races of my career to date, I have picked up my first points in the Euroformula Open Championship finishing Race 1 in 7th position.

The race started terribly for me when I made an error by accidentally selecting neutral as I arrived at my grid box starting out of P8. I selected 1st gear, but as I was stationary even though the display said I had, the car was still in neutral. Therefore I didn’t move off the line and dropped a long way back by the time I was able to get moving.

An early safety car however gave me the opportunity to get back on the rear of the field and when the race was back underway I was determined to make my way up through the field.

Not long after the restart I was able to get right on the back of Christian Hahn and Bent Viscaal on the exit of the last chicane. We headed down the pit straight three wide and I had to hold my position as Hahn forced me toward the inside. Coming out of turn one I was able to work my way to the inside of Viscaal and then having entered Eau Rouge two wide, I managed to take the position through this famous corner. Then coming out of Radillon and down Kemmel straight I was able to position myself to take Hahn into the chicane also.

I was then involved in fierce battles for the remainder of the race gaining a few more positions before really losing my rear tyre condition in the last few laps.

In the end, my best performance racing in the Championship so far and really pleased to be developing all the time through the work I am putting in with the team and in particular my Race Engineer Tom Toovey.

Huge thank you to Jamie, Tom, Gerard, John and all the Fortec team for the fantastic car I have to drive here and looking forward to tomorrow.


Photo: Fotospeedy

Photo: Fotospeedy

Photo: Fotospeedy

Photo: Fotospeedy

Photo: Fotospeedy

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