Set Up and Track Walk Day at Estoril

Estoril Set Up Day 2

Fantastic to arrive at the track today and get a feel for this fantastic circuit. Lots of amazing sights surrounding the track here with lots of very old buildings and hills in the background. Some of the houses are very close to the circuit which must make for some loud days for the people living there.

Most of the day today involved the team preparing everything for the next few days, and then some small adjustments to my car ready for the morning.

In the evening I did my usual track walk with my engineer Tom Toovey and benefit from his insights and build on our planning beforehand. Great also to get out and look at the circuit in detail following the simulator work I completed last week in at Fortec. The track walks are very important, as all curbs can be very different, and we need to know how they may affect the handling of the car.

Wet weather is forecast for practice tomorrow, but either way I am looking forward to getting out and familiarising myself with the track before the two offical practice runs on Friday.

Estoril Set Up Day 5



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  1. Best of luck mate, hope all goes well for you and your team.Remember drive fast drive safe.

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