My Week at Fortec and a Back off to Spain!

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A very productive week back at Fortec this week. After a big few days in France, the team had a couple of days off so I was in at Fortec from Wednesday through to Friday.

Over the week I spent a lot of time reviewing the weekend in Paul Ricard with my engineer Tom Toovey and Mick and we identified a couple of areas to target in upcoming testing. I also spent quite a bit of time in the gym, and I was able to also work on the simulator for good long sessions on Thursday and Friday preparing for the upcoming Winter Series 2 day test at Jerez.

Analysing the data with Engineer Tom Toovey

Again, amazing how much I am learning and I am very fortunate to also be staying with Tom and his family when up in Daventry, so we talk about racing a lot! I know Tom from Perth when he was involved with Fastlane Racing, so he was actually there when I was just starting out in cars in a Formula Ford with Brett Lupton.

The big news for this week is that tomorrow I will be flying out with the team to Spain to head to Circuit Albacete in Spain for an extra 2 day test with the other Fortec F3 drivers and a number of other teams looking to gain extra track time prior to Jerez. On top of the extra development time for me in the car, this will be a great chance to continue to bond with the team as I will be travelling with them on my own, testing for two days in the car, and then following this travel in the team bus down to Jerez. I’ll be there with the team for 3 days whilst they prepare the cars, again learning what I can and training until the 20th March when we do our track walk and gear up for the Winter Series testing on March 21 and 22.

Circuit Albacete, Spain

Looking forward to it and keeping you updated along the way!

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  1. Sounds very exciting and will prove invaluable I am sure. Good luck and keep up the hard work – it will all pay off for you! Graham

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