The Physical Demands of Racing an F3 Car


If you’ve ever wondered why I train so hard at F45 Training Hillarys and in the gym at Trizone Fitness, check out this heart rate data from my first race in the F3 last weekend.

Using the time scale along the bottom approx. 0 – 6min is leaving the pits and the first roll up lap. 8 – 12min is sitting on the grid and 12 – 16mins is the proper warm up lap working the tyres and brakes hard.

At around 16mins we start and through until about the 30min mark I am in second place closely following the leader. The interesting thing here is that when you are closely behind another car it affects the amount of downforce you get on the front giving you a bit of understeer. Whilst this can slow you down a bit, it does make the steering a little “lighter” and physically a little easier. For this whole time though, you can see that my heart rate is still around 200 beats per minute!

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At around the 30 min mark I took the lead to go on to win the race. Whilst I was able to lap quicker with the full downforce again available, you can see the effect this had on my heart rate with the now heavier steering again increasing back to the full physical load. For these last few laps my heart rate was up to a maximum of 212 beats per minute!

Time to go for a run.

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