How it Feels to Drive an F3!

Attacking the Apex (1 of 1)

Attacking a corner is amazing with the aero of an F3 under you

To drive an F3 car is a truly awesome experience. The speed and it’s cornering ability are absolutely incredible.

Turning into a corner, it feels like there’s no way the car’s going to make it, but you just have to go against your instincts and trust the aero of the car, and it just sticks.

The G-Forces experienced through a corner, while you can place a value on them, it is impossible to explain just how strong they are.  At Queensland Raceway, travelling through the second corner in excess of 170kph, I experienced 3Gs, that is 3 times greater than the force of gravity pushing me to the side of the car.  To put this in perspective, you would experience 3Gs by slowing from 106kph to a complete stop – in one second.  This means there is immense strength required on the driver’s neck, hence why I perform exercises specifically designed for neck strength.

The speed is also incredible.  The cars can  reach speeds of 260kph at the end of the main straight at Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit!

It’s a truly incredible experience to be travelling so quickly in such a beautifully designed machine, and I am so incredibly lucky to have the opportunities I do.  Opportunities that would not exist without the hard work of my parents, supporters and the team; and without the generosity of my sponsors.

Attacking the Apex 2 (2 of 1)

Here is an on-board video clip of a lap at Queensland Raceway showing where you can get a sense of the speed of turns 1 and 2 as well as some of the hard braking into turn 3 where the car slows from 235kph to around 85kph in only 1.5 seconds to take the corner.

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  1. Brilliantly detailed Calan,it must be an awesome feeling traveling so fast in a machine of that design.All the best mate.Drive fast, drive safe.

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