Wakefield Park – Practice Day


I’ve now completed my first practice day in Formula 3, here at the “Open Wheel Festival” event for 2017 at Wakefield Park. This is a lead in event to the 2017 Championship later in the year, and provides a perfect opportunity for me to become accustomed with working with the team, and also continue my development in this category under race conditions.

To help this even further, I have 2015 Australian Formula 3 Champion Jon Collins in the other Gilmour Racing car, which is a fantastic opportunity for me, and it was great working with Jon and the rest of the team during the day.


Straight away I was very pleased with my pace, and I felt very comfortable with the car. The track is very “busy”, with lots of gear changes, turns and braking, and on top of that there was quite a bit of traffic to contend with. We managed to get five solid practice runs in which meant a total of near 70 laps, so a full day of excellent practice.


Jon and I ended up being the quickest out there today, both putting in lap times in the mid 56 sec range, so I am very much looking forward to tomorrow which will be another learning curve for me, with qualifying the first time I will experience new tyres on the F3 car!

Action packed day tomorrow with one more practice run, qualifying and three races across the day.


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