Racing this Week!

IMG_3260Since the checkered flag fell for the final race in October last year, I have been waiting for the time to come when I would race again! That time is nearly here, with my first race of 2016 on the Sunday the 17th of April!

Since the end of last season, I have been training in regular gym sessions to try and get my physical fitness to the best it can be. These sessions have involved a mixture of cardio and strength. I’ve been continuing to use Genesis Joondalup Gate gymnasium for my strength work, and have also been to 3 or 4 “F45” sessions a week in Hillarys. These have been great fun, and Marcel and his team certainly help push me as hard as I can.

Of course I have also been working hard on the track. Initially we ran on the Avon tyres from last year as the condition of Barbagallo Raceway was quite sandy given the works associated with a number of improvements they have been making around the circuit. In recent sessions however, we have been running on the new tyres which have been introduced for this year, a Yokohama tyre. These tyres have more grip, last longer, and also cost less; so it was a wise desicion for the Formula Ford Association to make.

I cannot wait for the first race, and I know there will be fierce competition. It should be great fun, and hopefully I finish well!

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