How it Feels to Race a Formula Ford

IMGP3750As I get ready to head in to a very busy week with plenty of track time preparing for my next race, I thought it would be good to share what goes through my head on a race weekend.

When I put my helmet on and get in the car, I’m in my own place. I can truly focus on driving and hitting every apex, of every corner, of every lap. When you’re flying down the hill at 200km/h, you can feel the wind pushing your head all over the place, and the sudden push forward when you push the brake pedal.

When I’m lining up, waiting to be sent out for qualifying, I am visualising the perfect lap. I visualise hitting every apex, carrying the right amount of entry speed, and hitting the throttle at the perfect time. I visualise getting the downshifts perfect, and doing quick up-shifts. Because in qualifying, it’s that one quick lap that is going to get you the best grid position.

Waiting on the grid, it feels like forever for the race to start. When the officials bring out the 5 second board, I shut everything else out and concentrate on getting the revs right, and dropping the clutch as soon as the lights go out. After I drop the clutch, it’s all about applying the most throttle possible without having wheelspin. This gives you the greatest acceleration you can have, and will give you the jump on any other competitors.

After the race, I reflect on how I went, think about how I can improve any errors I made, or how I can go a little bit faster and get an edge on my competitors. And then I get ready to come back next time!

I’m looking forward to the week ahead…

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