Practice Starts and a Busy Week Ahead!

A really exciting session at the track this week with a focused session on starting before school! Unfortunately there was an issue discovered with my car, but a good thing to get that all fixed and ready to go now before the racing starts. Brett Lupton really makes sure the cars are 100% right, so I am fortunate to have him preparing mine. Anyway, as a result I used the red car which is an identical model, so it was good to have that one to fall back on.

Practicing starts with the lights was really great and something I’ve been looking forward to . I have had really no experience of this beforehand, as in karts all starts are rolling starts. With the assistance and advice of Peter Major, it all went really well, and I found that I had the hang of it pretty quickly.

I’ll be out again in the next few days, and then again next week prior to the race meeting. Looking forward to the next few sessions on the track as well as in the gym, and its going to be great to get stuck into racingStart post

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