Welcome to my Calan Williams Racing Website!

calan edit 4Welcome to my new website! I am very excited to launch calanwilliamsracing.com where you will be able to follow all of my updates as I pursue my racing career. I would like to thank everyone who has supported me, and especially all of my fantastic sponsors who are so important to enable me to go to each new step. Please check them out on my “Sponsors” page and give them a call whenever you are looking for something they can provide.

In launching this site, I am also kicking off something which is very special to me, and that is Team Calan. Team Calan is the way I recognise all of the people who are helping me along the way in whatever capacity it is. Motor Racing is the type of sport which is so involved, that I really couldn’t achieve anything without the help of all of these people, and I wanted to have some way to say thanks. Members of Team Calan will be thanked in a number of ways, but one is that I will carry the Team Calan logo on my car, and all will know that this is a way I am always saying thanks for playing such a role in helping me to have these opportunities.

More to come on Team Calan!

Finally, a massive thank you to Morena for pulling my website together, I really appreciate it, and I think it looks great!

I hope you enjoy the site, and thank you once again for all of the support!

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