First Practice in the Wet! July 2015

In July I had a few exciting sessions in the Formula Ford, the first of which I was put onto the track at the same time as the current leader of the state championship. I had three runs on that day, the first two I was sent out when he was on the opposite side of the track, so it wasn’t really any different to any other session. In the third run, however, I was sent out directly behind him which was great fun, and I managed to stick on his tail for the whole session! Great to feel the feeling of racing in a Formula Ford, and this was also the session in which I set laps in the 62 sec bracket for the first time!

The next session I had was the first time I’d ever driven the Formula Ford in the wet. When I first went out I went very cautiously because I just wanted to get a feel of how the car drove in these conditions, though I gradually pushed and ended up setting good times. This was a very beneficial session because it made me realise how different the car drives in the wet, and the importance of adjusting the brake bias to changing conditions.

The third session I was out on the track I had three runs, the first of which was dry, the second was wet, and the third was dry again. This session helped me to learn how to adjust to rapidly changing conditions. In the first session I set a 63.2, and was doing consistent laps. In the second run the track was wet, so I was going a bit slower. In the third session, I didn’t adjust quickly enough to the now-dry track, and it took me a while to get back down to a quick lap.

newposteditOverall, it has been a great month in the car and I can’t wait for the race in August!

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