Working on Quicker Cornering Speed! June 2015

colcorner3Working on Quicker Cornering Speed! Over the course of the past month I have had a few more sessions.  In the first session I was working on entry speed into the first corner, and carrying that speed through the corner.  However, the final corner was damp, so I was losing a bit of time there; about five to seven tenths of a second.  Even then I was still managing 64 second laps. In the second session I was working again on entry speed into the first corner, but also braking later; instead of just lifting off the brake earlier.  In this session, I was bit slower than I had been in the previous sessions, however this could have been due to the tyres, which have been used since February.  In this session I managed to set a 63.7 second lap time. In the third session, I was a bit quicker than the previous session; but was still slower than I could have been due to the tyre wear.  In this session I was working on the line and entry speed into Kolb Corner, which is the corner over the back of the hill.  I set a 63.5 second lap. Overall this month has been great, with improvements in each session.  Hopefully I can go even faster in the coming sessions with new tyres!

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