State Shakedown – Geraldton September 2014

In qualifying, the track was damp and we put too much grip on the kart.  I managed 6th place out of 9 with a 37.658 second lap.

In the first heat I started off 6th.  At the start I kept my position through the first few corners, I had a look at a move into the corner after the back straight, but there wasn’t an opportunity.  After the first lap, down the straight, I made a move into the first corner to get into 5th.  I held this position for a few laps, but lost it at the first corner.  I managed to hold on, but couldn’t catch, so I finished in 6th.

In the second heat I started off 6th again.  At the start I tried to hold on around the outside of the first corner, but it didn’t work out, and I got forced wide and dropped to 8th.  Down the straight on the second lap, with a bit of help from slipstreaming, I got into 7th.  I spent the next few laps catching 6th, and managed to make a move on the fourth lap.   Two laps later I made a move under brakes into the hairpin after the back straight, this gave me fifth.  On the last lap I tried to make a move for 4th which wasn’t quite there, I finished 5th.

In the prefinal I started off 6th.  At the first corner, multiple karts spun in front of me, and the only way to go was the gravel trap.  I did not finish.

In the final I started 9th, but a few other drivers’ spark plugs fouled, so we had to do multiple rollup laps.  Unfortunately, my spark plug fouled up, and the bolt was threaded, so as soon as it was replaced, it popped out.  I could not start, I finished 9th for the weekend.

The next week I had a club run at Cockburn, and throughout the whole weekend, in wet conditions, I had some great racing against Brooke Redden.  In the first two races the axle was moving, and causing the brake disc to be rubbing.  In the third and fifth races I had some great battles and finished second in both.  In the fourth race, I managed to get past Brooke to win by the length of the straight!l;;

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