Quickest at Wundowie! April 2014

fhAt this club run there were six J-Max drivers, two of which are state champions.

In the first heat I started off the third grid position, at the start I got into second through the first (sweeping) corner. I managed to stick with the leader for the first three laps, until a lock up overheated my rear tyres – which left me with little grip for the rest of the race. This allowed third place to catch, and, by the seventh lap, overtake. I managed to retain my third place for the remainder of the race.

In the second heat I started in third. At the start of this race I dropped to fourth, but in the second lap I managed to make a move and get into third place. I stayed in this position until the end of the race, pulling away from fourth, and maintaining the gap on second. For this race I actually finished second because the second place finisher forgot to put the transponder on his kart.

In the third heat I started in fourth. At the start of this race I maintained my position in fourth. For the first eight laps of the race I remained stuck behind third, but – with two laps to go – I managed to make the move, and defend the next corner to secure third position for the race.

In the fourth (and final) race I started in second. At the start of this race I went straight to the inside for the first corner to make sure I didn’t lose any places. After I had successfully done this, I was right behind one of the two state champions at the event. I was quicker, but not in the right places, which meant that I was unable to make the move. I actually put in a lap quicker than anyone else’s in this race (35.526)! Unfortunately I was never able to make a move, so I finished second for the race and the day!

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