Getting Quicker at Barbagallo! April 2015

Formula Ford 1

In the past month I have had three more sessions in the Formula Ford, the most recent of which, I was on track with two other drivers.  In the first session I improved by four tenths of a second on my best time, this was by taking a bit of a wider entry into turn 6, and carrying more speed through the corners in general. In this session I set a lap time of 1:04.2. In the second session I improved again, by driving the car more aggressively into the corners, especially the left-handed sweeper, which I broke later for and carried more speed into.  By doing all this I managed to set a time of 1:03.4! In my most recent session, I was on track with two other drivers.  It was a great experience driving with other people on the track!  Having someone else to follow has highlighted what I can improve on in future sessions, especially the line and entry speed into the first corner, which is the main thing I am working on. Overall it has been a great month of Formula Ford!  I have gained over a second a lap in the past three sessions, and have learnt a lot more!

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